Root Beer Kush (AAAA+) 18-23% THC – SALE!!!!


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root Beer kush

Root Beer Kush by West Coast Canz is a real delight, Root beer Kush Nugs feature a thick carpet of curly orange pistils and heavy trichome coverage, and while they smell similar to root beer, the taste is anything but. Instead, this strain boasts flavors of vanilla, strawberry, and orange blended with a strong taste of earth. Like most other sativa strains, Root Beer Kush begins with an uplifting burst of energy that infuses a creative spirit into anything you do. Whether you’re cleaning the house, at work tackling your to-do list, or simply hanging out with friends, you’ll find a bigger and better way to do it while riding this high. Focus is heightened as well as your inclination to chat with others, making this an ideal strain to bring to a social gathering. Testing between 18-23% THC with medium to large size buds super green just covered in crystals and orange fire hairs with a smell you won’t forget.

Grown in our beautiful British columbia, Packaged in air tight high quality pop top cans, including one Boveda humidity pack to ensure freshness along with a lid so that the can is easy to reseal along with keeping your product fresh even after the main seal is broken.  West Coast Canz is dedicated to provide AAAA & AAAAA products with AAAA & AAAAA THC levels to our customers. Available in 3.5g/7g/14g sealed tuna cans. Follow us on Instagram @westcoastcanz to be updated on new strains as they release.


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14g, 3.5g, 7g