Pink Comatose (AAAAA-) 29-32% THC


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Pink Comatose

Pink comatose by West Coast Canz is definitely underrated.Pink Comatose is a  excellent night time strain. It’s relaxing to both body and mind without a heavy, doped up feeling. Strong head buzz, though. The buds are  tight, smell noticed by many people is strong citrus. Recommend for: insomnia, PTSD, anxiety, social anxiety, ADHD, and other conditions where a ‘spacey’ buzz is a desired., with medium to large buds and Testing between 29-32%THC it will blow your mind.

Grown in our beautiful British columbia, Packaged in air tight high quality pop top cans, including one Boveda humidity pack to ensure freshness along with a lid so that the can is easy to reseal along with keeping your product fresh even after the main seal is broken.  West Coast Canz is dedicated to provide AAAA & AAAAA products with AAAA & AAAAA THC levels to our customers. Available in 3.5g/7g/14g sealed tuna cans. Follow us on Instagram @westcoastcanz to be updated on new strains as they release.


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