Bad Betty (AAAAA-) 27-30% THC


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Bad Betty

Bad Betty is a potent indica-dominant hybrid created by Exotic Genetix as a cross between Tina, and Strawberries & Cream. Don’t let the name fool you – Bad Betty oozes of delectable terpenes that are sweet, berry-like with a luscious hint of vanilla bean. This powerhouse was developed over years of specific breeding and research, which led to Exotic Genetix choosing a specific Tina F2 plant for its’ stellar trichome production, resin coated buds and unique purple hues as the mother plant. Med size buds and Testing between 27-30%THC.

Grown in our beautiful British columbia, Packaged in air tight high quality pop top cans, including one Boveda humidity pack to ensure freshness along with a lid so that the can is easy to reseal along with keeping your product fresh even after the main seal is broken.  West Coast Canz is dedicated to provide AAAA & AAAAA products with AAAA & AAAAA THC levels to our customers. Available in 3.5g/7g/14g sealed tuna cans. Follow us on Instagram @westcoastcanz to be updated on new strains as they release.


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